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Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I'm still learning about my likes, dislikes, and loyalties always anxious to share the temperature of it. The Pandemic of 2020 has marginally broadened the on-line access to products (or else I'm spending more time looking)! My most recent self-discovery is not being able to choose an accessory in one color and walk away from it without feeling like its final. This decision tends to shake down to the number 3 because of the color track my instincts are on, one black, one (red, green or blue) and one white or off white (any neutral tone). Sure, this is also based on pricing, affordability, my personal budget, and the overall love and commitment to a brand. Adding items to my wardrobe is a very personal decision and I'm here to share mine with you.

This is where originality is beneficial and safe for example, with caps guys are loyal to their favorite teams and the colors just come along with that and they don't sway much away from that. As for me, I will stagger upon a cap based on the color first the locations second. Its a girl thing. When you love and purchase somethings you tend to circle back to that company and want that company to be there for you when you need them. For guys, this hat brand (New Era) has been has been around for as long as I know of, they have an such a expansive team/organizational variety that I can see why guys love them and keep collecting. As a female consumer I'm new to the cap game but share the same love for a great cap. This latest design (MLB Cursive) collection is self explanatory. Stole my attention immediately. You can't ignore this perfection. But which color? What team? Decisions... if I had to choose just one I would have to go with the black and definitely the Washington Nationals for obvious reasons. Don't limit yourself. Take a peek at this release its a smart choice.

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