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Bottega Veneta

Miss the Blog? So do I the good part is I am your resource for style at any level. I haven't posted in some time but the creativity never cease for me. I'm always studying the craft and presenting it to you is my pleasure. Here is your dosage of I miss you. Why on earth would you ever want to look like someone else from head to toe? From Typically someone likes the exact same style and duplicate it when it is completely impossible to carry a style the way you saw it on another induvial. Maybe, you could take a piece of it but normalize making it your own statement your masterpiece and If that's a problem that's where I can swoon in and we can make it happen. Just ask me how! This! This is how style its done up/down This image is from Milan Fashion week February 22, 2020 in the helm of Daniel Lee, the color, contrast, and very big bag is everything. Don't let the past design year trip you up, if its hot, its hot . My style inspiration for the moment is right here and there is more to come stay tuned. Fashion is already into spring of 2024and beyond. Lets catch up... there is more to see and discover at

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