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Growing up almost always in ballerina costumes is where my love for this fabric began. For this reason I have so much respect and honor for Tulle. It is light, extremely feminine, it holds its shape very well, and for me makes me feel very special to wear it. It's definitely a happy and familiar place for me. It shouldn't be abused meaning down graded by attaching it to jeans as I have seen happen. Tulle carries an elegance that one may not understand unless you had that seriousness of being on stage with the all eyes on you waiting to see how you will express yourself in this beautiful piece. Yes! all of that. I would hope that all little girls get to experience that special feeling while wrapped in tulle. That being said, I really want to share this florescent bustier dress #diorfall21 by maria graza chiuri. This color raises the bar it is an explosive art form that carries gracefulness and electricity. Dior always gets it right.

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