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I'm becoming a more conscious consumer paying attention to the products I purchase and the sustainability awareness of the brands that produce them. Is this a smart purchase? Was it manufactured in a way that has taken any environmentally friendly steps toward human and ecological health? From my last sustainability post I mentioned the brands I frequent, thankfully, are on track in this very important subject. Brands pushing forward in holding us responsible for the way I think about our consumptions is almost a expectation for me and increasingly, It's deal breaker for me. More often, it's determining where I spend money. I'm paying attention, It's going to take changed behavior in us all to preserve and protect our natural resources. #Nike owns a big piece of the consumer market. I'm a loyal customer. They are doing their part in manufacturing environmentally mindful and quality sustainable products. Their commitment to ecological advancement is one to watch. The N354 seen below is a creative expression and authenticity in its rawest form. With its combination of mixed 20% post consumer material it qualifies as official! Nike’s zero carbon, zero waste campaign is an example of their commitment to ecological advancement. For more information, Please follow the link to get to know how Nike is paving the way for change. At this exact moment of writing this, I am wearing this same shoe for all the right reasons. Find your reason for changing your behavior.

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