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From the Maison Margiela x Reebok Collaboration. Glossy in finish, these chunky ankle boots!

These boot are available at Saks immediately all sizes and fall within my radar my advice: Don't always go for what's popular, stock usually come back around in different colorway's so dont feel indifferent about not getting it on release date, plus when everbody gets them you all look the same at the same time and devalues the look of that moment. Get what you like and what fits your style the prices are better when items are unpopular! move with that. I've been a fan of #reebok and the #instapump since conception because once you put them on you can hit the pump that encloses air around your foot for a more specific fit. I think this is worth the expierence and support it! and, they are stylish as well so I may need to put these in my rotation. These are are must grab for me. This link is quirky you may have to do the search bar (instapump) to find them but they run $ 1150 seemingly the average for special unique sneakers so get over the price shock immediately It' not going anywhere

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