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Summer's End 2022

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

What's so special about me and this platform? I'm glad you style influence is extensive meaning you may not understand why I'm into my current zone and you may never have thought of what I'm currently obsessing over but check me out anyway. What you will find is my style is ahead of it's time enough to keep you current, but classic enough to keep you real, never basic on purpose. Following my style will always have your right on time ready and relevant. I hope you will appreciate the connection. I look forward to sharing with you so let's get to it.

I challenged my style self for the entire month of June 2022. I decided to get dressed into business casual clothing everyday Monday through Friday with the clothing I have, what it did was remind me was how creative I am in this way and it's a "big deal" to get dressed beyond the "put on something and go clothing." I remembered that the fabric I prefer is light and moves unobstructed in the elements, the lighter or fragile the fabric the more amazing I felt so I wasn't surprised to have these selections. I only purchase items that make me feel feminine yet well dressed and well fit. The pricy pieces were very soft Chiffon but there were other just as nice fabrics. The other thing I discovered (and remembered) is that most of my pieces can be worn by a ballerina on stage to perform. Looking and feeling like this is familiar territory because growing up, nothing was better then the presentation of a dance costume. This expierence also trained me to stay dressed every moment possible I could see the appreciation on the onlookers face. Like a feel good moment. I plan on sharing images. My advice at this moment is when you're trying to figure where you are with your pieces or where to add or subtract from with your wardrobe, try something similar. Get familiar with your choices and eliminate as needed or upgrade. If you don't like the way you look or feel in something its a true sign that its over for that piece. Even if its something nice we outgrow our past selections. Open the possibility of exploring new and different trends far beyond your current safety zones and don't worry about the gossip that will follow. Start something intresting keep going and share with me.

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