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Valentino Spring 2023 ready-to-wear

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

One of the things I love most about fashion is from product development to consumer awareness it's still many months ahead of it's presentation and demand. Fashion moves very quickly but isn't a disadvantage because of its speed. There are award shows, private events and photo shoots all with the need for exquisite one of a kind pieces therefore as the general consumer we don't even have access to such rare pieces but we can look and that isn't a disadvantage either. There are individual's that's are offered the opportunity of access of "Runway" pieces and a team ready to work to release their designs to wear before they can be offered to the general public (if ever). This is where My appreciation for stylist comes into play. How awesome is it to have access to such one of a kind pieces for a client that is open to your vision with full cooperation. Somebody's got to do it, I'm that girl. Its the team that works to get their clients look from idea to reality. With that being said as of this posting its Christmas week 2022 and I'm happily giving you Spring 2023 inspiration and Valentino is on my spotlight. There are about 5 months of winter before we can start sheading our layers for a clothing change. Valentino's look book is the homework. Take a moment to follow the link and catch up to the upcoming season before it's arrival and pay attention to details colors etc... This collection is ready- to-wear relatable, See for yourself here.

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