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The Skateroom

Every since I can remember I've a been interested in the thrill of skateboarding. It was one of those sports that I hoped my son would grasp so that I would have more of an excuse to cling onto the boards. He didn't bite, however now, the connection to the boards are still there. I stumbled across "The Skateroom" a company that cures my passion for art entangled with the beauty of presenting itself on the boards by the world's biggest artists.

What's more impressive is their involvement to facilitate, empower and inspire social change done by contributing at least 10% of their revenue by building skate parks, education facilities and resource programs for underprivileged youth around the globe. Just knowing my purchases are contributing to social change while adding the art to my environment is worth every dime spent. We can all become a vehicle for the change. To get involved follow the link.. I have included a piece that's on my radar.

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