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Prada Re-Nylon Project

I couldn't wait to explore this project because I believe all products/manufacturers should have sustainability program due to the amount of unused fabrics and items we have already purchased but for one reason or another is sitting in our closets unused to eventually to be given away to second hand stores or sold to friends or online. There is a part of fashion that may temporarily fade but comes right back around and knowing some of what those things are accounts for us holding on to these purchases we still have in our possession. For me I never took the time to purchase specific pieces but if I did I would be smart enough to already have a classic nylon Prada Backpack or shoulder bag. This bag is one of those pieces that never get old and on my current radar. Prada HQ executives has stated in Vogue Magazine that "We are evaluating how to best recycle our virgin nylon and re-nylon scraps." They also stated that by 2021 they will be fully converted to Ecoynyl and "that there were no big hurdles in establishing the program." Sounds easy to reimagine new possibilities of creating and manufacturing products based on fabrics and pieces that may not be entirely new but clearly worth the reality of contemporary recycling and respect for the commitment for becoming a solution to a overwhelming overflow of underused pieces due to various style trends that change so frequently. The following link sends you to a you- tube video that explains more of what Ecoynyl is and how it's usage is incorporated into Prada's program.

It so worth taking a look at Prada's Instagram page also for other awesome products. We both learned something new today! and will are better informed consumers It all matters. I

photo courtesy of Prada of model wearing Re-Nylon Fannie pack in Cameroon.

this video gives you a better idea of the material Ecoynyl and how Prada's use in production.

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