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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

This Instagram account: #nokingsdc

This group (collective) it is based in Washington DC their art first captured my attention last year when they painted a very big parking lot wall at 14th and S street NW. The morning I saw it, I had an artistic seizure, got out the car and set up to capture images using the wall as a backdrop. It was the kind of artistic rush when you know you're on to something great! (I included a few images from that episode) #Nokingsdc Art, Design, Murals, Curation is worth discovering you can't ignore it being bold, colorful and usually enormous! This mural above #1010zzz can be found in Wynwood, Miami. The link above will direct you to more images of the collectives Instagram account and other projects. I love blue as an environmental color choice it is believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain that makes this project's color choice completion a good color choice. I feel like I just got a burst of positive energy by following this group. See for yourself.

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