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Moma.. Museum of Modern Art X Vans

Wearing original art interpreted on a canvas shoe is the best high especially if the quality of the transfer to the shoe canvas is equivalent to the original piece of art. Museum of Modern Art or #MoMa collaborated with Vans on this project and got it right by creating masterpieces of artist in a series of shoe releases. The artist for this project is Jackson Pollock titled "Autumn Rhythm (Number30)" at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. I stumbled across these vans being in the right place at right time and way after their release date at the vans store.. (outlet). I immediately loved the design on the shoe unaware of the masterpiece redesign. Couldn't walk away from it. There was a pause and stare equivalent to the experience of standing in front of the original piece in the gallery with the quality of the vans shoe being a classic, It was a win for me. This discovery on the canvas was original both ways artistically and classic. I was immediately curious with questions. As as artist of any kind, engaging in an audience or even one person, sparking their curiosity gaining the appreciation of their work is the goal. That's what this project does for me, and happens to be the reason I'm here to share with you. This is a moment, kind of like art education with a twist. I feel artistically normal and excited to share this with you. By the way, It's also sweetrub222's anniversary! It's been one year of self expression and this project seemed appropriate to capture the sweetruby222 way. For my anniversary and moving forward, I will entertain you with my own images, Finally! these shoes made the work easy to bring to you and introducing you to a new artist will inspire you get to know him and others in this project. I hope to spark something new within you. That's the journey we are on together. Thank you for hanging out with me. If the shoe fits wear it.. For more information on this collaboration and others similar please follow this link

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