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Miu Miu

Miu Miu 2022

When a product hits me it because its a highly multi functional piece that easily adds femininity to your look. If you read my article titled "An open Invitation to Lisa Neal" You would have learned that my style preference begins and ends with ballerina with a touch of vintage with added modern and sometimes futuristic pieces. My style is broad and changes frequently based on what is motivating me at the moment. That's why there is nothing to purchase from me specifically. This site is to help keep you motivated to try things you may have never thought of at the same time give feedback so that we can learn together.

This Pump (and other selections) you will find in the link provided. Its a yes for me the pale pink is very appropriate in classic ballet but the black should not be ignored. They both give off the 1940's vintage feel with the satin fabric. The elastic over the foot is exactly what I remember when my newly purchased ballerina were new the elastic over the foot was sold separate and had to be hand sewn into the sides of the shoe. This shoe is the greatest rendition of my memory of the arts. It retails for 995 and shoe I would definitely consider in both colors. What are your thoughts?

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