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Maison Valentino's creative director worked with Pantone to develop its own distinctive hue and called it Pink PP " When you wear one color you have no choice but to value the skill of the monochrome but then you would have to really see the induvual popping out of that color and want to know more. For me I've never been able to find the same color tone due to picking up pieces at differently. It's literally impossible to get it right, I don't even try it anymore. You would have to purchase from the collection/designer with the intent of captivating you as this collection does with it's rich and boldness. This entire project has made it possible to believe the impossible. When you have the creativity it looks exactly like this. To see this show is to bring my dreams to life. I hope you can find the time to view it. Everything you need to know is here. Follow the link below. So thankful to be able to share this with you.

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