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John F Kennedy Center for Performing arts

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Just taking a moment out to appreciate It's cultural diversity and outreach programs, can't wait to dive back in! There are so many reasons to get excited about this space including the newest edition " The Reach" at the Kennedy Center is Washington DC's newest Landmark!. It's completely available for rentals with amazing views of the Potomac River! John F. Kennedy's granddaughter Rose Kennedy Schlossberg made this transformation possible. This extension was created to break down the barriers between art and the artist where art happens so close audiences can "reach" out and touch it. That's something we should all experience and encourage others to do.

One of this 65,000 square foot expansion sustainable buildings features is it's Indoor Environmental Quality (IAQ) that has 30% more ventilation and a clean air breathing zone similar to outdoor levels of carbon dioxide, additionally this system measures airflow in other dense multifunctional spaces such as performance studio's and lecture halls, The Environmental materials and resource steps taken to minimize it's users energy optimizes positive interactions between humans that occupy its space. There is so much to discover, to explore more follow the links:

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