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Open Invitation to Lisa Neal

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Looking back we had all these style insecurities with our fashion items. Back in the day we wanted to be the only person in a particular item. Therefore if anybody asked where we got something we told them everything but exactly how we got it. Now it comes down to who gets it first before it sells out on-line. We hid where we shopped in hopes that we wouldn't see other people within our same class and status in what we had purchased, knowing for the most part we all shopped in the same places. Sometimes we got lucky finding what we saw on others that wasn't revealed but it all depended of how much product was produced and how many stores it was distributed to. Currently, we have the internet that's wide open to give us more access and less exclusivity to products bust we must act fast! Because of our current economy and less in store shopping, companies seem to be forced to make items available to the public on-line but there is still a long way to go with merchandise access vs exclusivity or privilege. On release buyers are purchasing multiple of the same items leaving the average consumer stranded. As I appreciate what's available to me and us right now, I refuse to get into a race for a specific item. There are too many hot items to get fixated on just one. My purchase feelings are mixed because at the same time I want the opportunity to purchase as soon as items are released and in some cases I want the pre release privilege of purchasing for myself and others that are interested, not because items are one of a kind but because It's something I would really love to have. Honestly I am humbled to have exclusive pieces but would never brag about it. I have sneaker-head friends right now posting about the latest sneaker release cop immediately after their purchase but for the rest of that leaves us with nothing its complicated. There are other issues such as affordability, this is why exposure from all over the spectrum of price ranges are essential. You may not get that one hot item but there are others comparable that fit it just as nice. I hope that's one of the benefits is following me. As I post items, they don't come with sensitivity of a price range, It's what I like, you can use it as a tool for making conscious realistic decisions for making purchasing within your own price range. I purchase what I can comfortably afford. We all buy based on our own set of circumstances. I believe that purchasing and your individual style is your exclusivity. It can go where ever you allow it. It is my pleasure to expose you to designers and items that I follow and I welcome any feedback. Watch closely because my sense of style is timeless classic with a hint of vintage and always a pinch of old school. What exciting and is so unique about me and my taste in fashion is what I like naturally, (with no outside influence) is a thing that come into rotation that I notice in designers. From easy to complicated I am still surprising myself because what I am seeing sometimes on-line I have already thought of, put together, or arranged what they have now released and that validates me as official. Its not something I take for granted it a gift that I now accept and hold onto and this space serves as a safe area I have created to have you follow me and judge for yourself. I hope you can also learn, grow and share your thoughts with me. I started visual boards on Pinterest to help document that WOW thing about me comparing and saving these what I call "coincidence occurrences" in comparison to different fashion campaigns and releases. For me, I either had already worn whatever I was looking at, was in processes of creating it or have at least thought of it and maybe just haven't gotten around to it.

this is something that up until now I have kept quiet. Sharing creativity for any of us is risky but necessary if you can make some kind of contribution you should. If you follow me you I hope you will notice this too. My Pinterest boards are always available for viewing specifically the board titled "Coincidence" is the focus here but there's a lot of boards there to explore there this work has been in process for years. Get to know me visually. This is the first of any invite because this whole experience has been very personal and private to me. The lesson from all this is to share your craft don't hold on to it. That's why we are all here to learn from each others experiences. Nothing is really exclusive if you have the resources you can get whatever you want. I've always held true to, "know what you want and develop your own sense of style" don't be a copy cat cut out of what's trendy or popular because once you seen it once or twice you're over it and it isn't as special any more so it's very important to make thing your own if you just have to have it. Know what designers you like before you obtain the financial resources not the other way around.

I'm bringing my sense of style to you as I see it not how how someone else. Thank you for your time, it means a lot to me Lets go!

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