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HAIR! Should go forward

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Good to meet up again, for the record my goal is not to sell you anything. This is a journey that references the light that shining within me and because it so bright this site is meant to spark thoughts and ideas in you to encourage your own creativity. That's why posting has no financial barriers with me. You're a smart consumer. I'm sure you know how to adjust to your pleasures induvial to fit your budget. This site is about broad-spectrum creativity from fashion and art to music and interior space. Build with me and share my experiences. I expect that with fashion there are many alternatives for what you may see here but there must be a starting point and a reason to push your normal comfort zones. Trust and flow your instincts. Show up original not a cut out. Please free to leave questions or comments. I would be happy to discuss anything imaginable. L…

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