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H&M Studio A/W 2022

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

H&M Studio collection is where futuristic meets glamour, its bold enough to push the boundaries between reality and fantasy. It's a bit pricy and sells out very fast on release day timing purchase time is critical but I just did obtain one piece from the latest release and like everything else the most inexpensive pieces are the first to sell. This earpiece sold for about $69 very affordable and very good quality fits very snug on the ear without the pain of a clip on. It is sold as a single item to be worn to only fit the left ear which leaves you the option to do whatever you want to the right ear. Definitely an affordable statement piece and just in time for the short hair for me. The goal for this site is to send alerts to make you aware of exciting finds and other releases for your review and purchase consideration. Look for more to come. Happy New Year!

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