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H&M partnered with other major fashion brands, manufactures and fabric mills from around the world to collectively focus on the challenges it takes to produce jeans that's sustainable and tackling new guidelines regarding waste, pollution and recyclability. This project "lets redesign denim" started with the fundamental way jeans were manufactured and ended up with a more careful proactive step in becoming fully circular in their production processes, starting with denim, but committing to incorporating what they learned into other projects. You can read more about it here:

From that participation H&M launched this denim collection. As a consumer at first glance I loved the raw denim and the design, knowing this set was created using with stricter guidelines being mindful of harmful practices made this set more valuable to me. I wasn't expecting to see this outfit especially since this campaign started in October 2020. They say it was supposed to be for a men but I don't see why I can't make it my own especially since all the stock they had was in my size and the fit and price was is perfect. You can never go wrong with a jean set of this quality. One of the benefits to becoming a member of this blog site is getting the immediate alerts when these occurrences happen with the information on where to purchase as well as the ability to ask quick questions and or (for a additional fee) I will pick it up for you.. More details to come but this is a great find at a great price.

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