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Giambatistavalli Paris

This is breathtaking. This piece is the reason this site exists and that's is to bring what I've discovered to broaden your own sense of style and point you in the visual direction of when you're out on your own shopping adventures. I hope you will remember this look and #giambattistavalli, its one of my favorites. Pay attention to fabrics, feel them. Don't always go for what fits perfectly and tight sometimes size up with soft feminine pieces to add this dramatic drapery look you can't go wrong with it! Try to determine starting at the top of fashion aka (Giambattistavalli Paris) in hopes that you will either be able to plan and purchase directly from the source. Don't be afraid to spend a little more for amazing pieces such as this, they can be passed down to your daughters or grand daughters. If the fabric is quality and you care for it properly it will retain the look for many years. Typically we don't really wear pieces like this often it will last. I consider quality often and upgrade as my finances will allow. This piece breathes innocence, its neat and drapes nicely. The pale "ballet" pink color reminds me of the many leotards and tights I wore in ballet class. In my opinion it's a perfect addition to any wardrobe and considerable investment. To view it and more amazing finds don't hesitate to visit:

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