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Balmain X Barbie!! Barbie is everything to me and for life. As a kid she was my first real visual of what a woman looked and was shaped like. She had long legs, shapely and no matter what you did or how many times you changed her clothes she was still that woman! When I was playing house she wasn't as dark as this model so honestly I couldn't see myself with that perfect body type long legs fitted clothes or indestructible. Many years later Mattell manufactured dark black Barbies with the same figures, natural hair, beautiful like me. I honestly contribute my love for big dresses and heels to the countless hours dressing and undressing my Barbie dolls. This is why this Balmain X Barbie campaign is so special to me Balmain has bought Barbie to real-life I'm over the moon with this release. It's available to all consumers, however as always most of the popular items were sold out immediately. This is a really respected and fun collaboration. I hope you can enjoy this as much as I am

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