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Pre-orders are now being accepted and you should know by now this is one of my favorite designers. I love the femininity of this stack as well and the street free walk, feel and look of the soft bottoms. For the most part I wear sneakers because they are stylish and provide the comfort my lifestyle requires

but then there are times that a lady needs to up her game, that's where this shoe "The Madame Pumps" fall into place. They are authentic, instant glamorous but not because I said so but because it's your style. Take a closer look at the hardware (they call it Signature Morsetto Horsebit) on the front .. Just wow! For me it's a win. This lavender color changes the game upwards. They will set you back $990 but worth it..For more information, colors and other unique items you know where to go You can thank me later...

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