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Rare accessories happen to be always circulating within my orbit. Whenever I do get the chance to shop vintage, I tend to peek at the jewelry hoping to find that special rare thing. That is how I stumbled this piece, shown below, you just must have a good hunch for something and do not turn back from your initial feeling about what you find. It is like the love on first site feeling! if it is in your price range get it keep it wear it pass it down. Often we are shopping for the now or what's trending, or for a particular occasion that causes you to overlook specific rare pieces. For this piece I am having my moment right now. I had this accessory piece for so long then pulled it out with it being in perfect condition! I Purchased it as is both pieces together, extremely fortunate to have it. Watching the perfection of #MaisonSchiaparelli (Haute Couture) brand is what has inspired me to pull this out of hiding. Schiaparelli is wearable art. It gives off pure royalty with its gold trademark. The thickness and the beauty of the Schiaparelli’s designs are notably respectful, there are no mistakes in, if it is "Original" or Schiaparelli. No homework is necessary. It gives off you are "iconic" look. The fun part is the artistic expression of the designs are not just earrings or bracelets it extends to other body parts of the body which elevates you even higher as in coverings for breast or eye or any other imaginable designs adding exclusivity and femininity. You will stand out immediately, take a look here: Maison Schiaparelli

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